The Elohim Ecuatoriana Foundation is a non-profit institution, registered in Ecuador, which works in the development of the country's children and youth by carrying out various social work, with the support of sponsors and volunteers mainly of North American origin.

It was founded in 2006 by the actions of Daniel Mejia and a group of friends who decided to feed poor children one day a week in a neighborhood in the north part of the city of Quito. In addition to feeding the children, they also began teaching them Christian values in order to "feed their bodies and their souls." The focus of this aid was mainly children at risk who came from an environment of families affected by crises, as well as victims of crime, drugs, alcohol, and abuse.

The feeding program was very well received and soon, Alejandro Mejía, the father of Daniel and an Evangelical Pastor since 1994, became the leader of the Foundation and began looking for contacts and help, mainly from friends in the United States.  These friends organized groups of Americans, and began to visit the country as volunteers, helping with the work of the Foundation.

The Foundation was registered in April 2006, through ministerial agreement 0454, in the Ministry of Social Welfare in order to achieve a legal status to be able to accept donations that people give for the work of the foundation. Its headquarters are in the city of Quito, sharing the property of the Elohim Evangelical Church, but its work has expanded to other poor areas of Ecuador.

Current Work

The work of the Elohim Ecuatoriana Foundation has expanded beyond Quito to the poorest areas of Ecuador, including the Amazonia Jungle Region.  In this region, the Foundation works with the Indigenous people - especially the children - to improve their lives through feeding and clothing programs, help with school work, healthcare, organizing sports and games, providing clean water projects, and sharing the Gospel.​